DNA Testing Using Hair

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What is paternity test with hair?

A paternity test using hair is forensic DNA test that determines if a man and a child are biologically related.

Can you do paternity test with hair?

Yes. Hair follicle samples must have the root for the laboratory to be able produce DNA profile for analysis. Hair sample requirements require a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 hair follicle with roots to be submitted.

How long will my DNA test results take?

The turnaround time for your results to be completed is 3 business days from the date the lab receives all genetic samples.

How accurate are my DNA results?

The accuracy of hair samples 95% accuracy. Please note, the quality and handling of your hair samples will dictate whether the laboratory will produce a DNA profile for comparative analysis.

All DNA specimen will be tested and analyzed on 22 genetic markers performed by our partner accredited laboratory.

How much does a hair DNA test cost?

The cost of a hair DNA test starts at $299.99 and up. Pricing is dependent upon the number people tested and if all parties DNA samples submitted are hair follicle samples. Click the button to order an At-Home Hair Paternity Test kit.

Home DNA Collection Kit Items: 

When you purchase a home test kit from DNA Testing New Jersey Center the following contents listed below will be enclosed.

  1. A chain of custody form where you list the names of the tested parties involved with your DNA Paternity Test.
  2. One cheek swab packet and you will supply the hair follicle samples
  3. Sample collection envelopes.
  4. Sample collection instructions
  5. Pre-paid return envelope shipping back to the lab

How does DNA testing with hair process work?

There is a protocol that should be adhered to when performing hair paternity tests. If you are going to collect the samples yourself. It is important to note that the hair follicles must have a root. If there is no root, Unfortunately, the paternity of the child cannot be determined.

It should also be noted when collecting hair follicle samples for paternity testing purposes you will need a minimum of 8 hair follicles with the root. The hair samples should be placed inside a paper Ziploc bag.

The bag should be labeled correctly and kept at room temperature to avoid any possible moisture accumulation that may compromise your samples. Although this has not been an issue for the clients we have helped over years, we felt it was worth mentioning.

The other scenario in which a person may want to use hair/forensic samples to perform a paternity test is when an alleged father is deceased. In this particular scenario, a DNA sample collector will be responsible for the collection of the hair samples.

The collection normally takes place at the Funeral Home of the deceased relative. We recommend that you contact our office at 973-609-5102 for a more detailed description of what you can expect from the process based on your specific situation.

At-Home Sibling DNA Test Kit

This testing option determines if 2 people share common biological parent.

At-Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit

This testing option determines if a grandparent and grandchild are biologically related.

At-Home Maternity Test Kit

This testing option determines if a woman shares biological relationship with her child.

No. At Home Hair DNA test are for informational use only and cannot be used for any legal purpose.

There is a circumstance where hair samples can be used as evidence legally. When a father is deceased and his hair follicle samples are in the possession of the coroner’s office or funeral will a legal hair DNA paternity test can be considered.

How DNA samples are handled will have effect on whether or not this forensic DNA testing option can be used legally.

Please keep in mind, if the mother of the child is not the executor of the decease father’s estate she will need to communicate with executor for permission to use the deceased father’s hair samples. Read more about deceased father DNA testing here.

Remember, depending on your circumstance you may need to consult a Family Law Attorney in you state to ensure hair samples follicles will be admissible in court or any requesting state agency.

Contact 973-609-5102 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about legal DNA testing today.

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