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dna paternity test at home

What is Home paternity test?

An At-Home Paternity Test is a DNA test that determines the probability of paternity between an alleged father and child. This test is performed in the comfort of your home.

Can my home DNA results be used legally in New Jersey?

No. Home DNA paternity tests don require a legal chain of custody to be established or the presence of an unbiased third party DNA sample collector.

Benefits of At Home Paternity Test

Here is a list of potential benefits for at-home paternity tests:

1. Privacy and Convenience: At-home paternity tests allow for complete privacy and can be done in the comfort of one’s own home, without the need to visit a clinic or lab.

2. Non-Invasive Sample Collection: Most at-home paternity tests use a simple cheek swab or saliva sample, which is a non-invasive and painless method of collecting DNA.

3. Accurate Results: At-home paternity tests, when conducted by reputable laboratories, can provide highly accurate results, often with a probability of paternity greater than 99%.

4. Cost-Effective: At-home paternity tests are generally more cost-effective than legal or clinical paternity tests, as they eliminate the need for appointments, travel, and additional fees.

5. Discreet Testing: At-home paternity tests allow for discreet testing, without the need to involve others or disclose personal information to third parties.

6. Peace of Mind: At-home paternity tests can provide peace of mind and resolve uncertainties about paternity, which can be important for emotional well-being and family dynamics.

7. Legal Admissibility: While not always legally admissible on their own, at-home paternity tests can serve as a preliminary step and provide evidence that may be accepted in court when combined with additional legal testing.

8. Flexibility: At-home paternity tests offer flexibility, as samples can be collected at any time and from any location, without the need to coordinate schedules or travel.

9. Empowerment: At-home paternity tests empower individuals to take control of their personal situations and obtain important information without relying solely on third parties or legal processes.

How does a paternity test at home work?

To get started you can purchase our home paternity DNA  test kit online below or by phone at 973-609-5102.





How much is my At-Home DNA test kit cost in NJ?

The cost of a Home Paternity Test starts at $199.99. Click the button below to purchase online.

Results Turnaround

DNA results are completed within 2 to 3 business days from the date, the laboratory receives all DNA specimens.

How accurate are my DNA paternity test results?

Yes. All DNA samples are performed by our partner AABB accredited laboratory

Can a test kit be shipped to more than one location?

Yes. Home DNA test kits can be shipped to more than location. Please note, an additional cost for a second location.

A legal paternity test is a DNA test results that determines if a father and child are biologically related. Which means your DNA results are legally admissible in family court. This testing option requires the establishment of a chain  of custody.

Non-legal paternity test is a peace of mind test that determines if a father and child are biologically related. Please note, your results are for informational purposes only and cannot be used legally.

Can a non invasive prenatal paternity test be done at home?

No. Currently there is no non-invasive prenatal home paternity test kit that can be performed at home.

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