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The increasing role of genetic testing in immigration cases, where it is used to establish the necessary biological relationship between a petitioner and a beneficiary.
The significance of DNA tests in the adjudication of citizenship applications, particularly in scenarios where traditional documentary evidence is lacking or insufficient.

What is an Immigration DNA Test?

An Immigration DNA test is a scientific method to provide proof of a genetic relationship between a petitioner and a beneficiary when insufficient evidence is submitted during the visa application process.

Types of DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

Overview of the various genetic relationships that can be verified through DNA testing, such as paternity, maternity, or kinship with other relatives like grandparents or siblings.

DNA Sample Collection Method is Used

DNA testing is considered one of the most reliable method for proving a claimed genetic relationship. The preferred technique for DNA specimen collection is the buccal (cheek or mouth cavity) swab method. When buccal swabs are taken, cells are collected from the inside of the cheek or mouth using a long cotton swab.

Alternative DNA collection methods, such as blood sample collections, have similar accuracy to buccal swabs. However, buccal cheek swabs are favored over blood collections because they are easier to collect, non-invasive, painless, and more convenient to transport

Accreditation Details

Please note, All legal DNA Relationship Testing services we provide are under the strict supervision by our partner AABB-accredited DNA Testing laboratory. 

The accreditation by our partner lab ensures your DNA results will be recognize by USCIS and/or U.S. Consulate Officer.

The Process of DNA Testing for Immigration purposes

The USCIS DNA testing process follows several key steps:

1. The petitioner receives a request letter or email from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a U.S. Embassy, or Passport Agency asking their family to furnish supplementary proof of a biological relationship through DNA testing.

2. After getting the request, the petitioner contacts our office at 973-609-5102. An appointment will be scheduled for the petitioner and the DNA samples will be shipped to lab.

3. Next the laboratory will ship a DNA test kit to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad if the beneficiary is another country.

4. An Embassy official, will schedule an appointment for beneficiary to collect their DNA samples. After the collection, DNA samples that are then shipped back to the accredited U.S. laboratory for analysis.

5. Upon receiving the samples, the lab analyzes them to determine the claimed biological relationship. The lab issues copies of the DNA test results to both USCIS and the petitioner.

Please be reminded that your DNA Testing service will be handled by our partner AABB Laboratory which will ensure your family will remain complaint with USCIS’ evidence submission guidelines.

Immigration DNA Frequently Asked Questions

Is a DNA Test required for immigration purposes?

It is important to note that DNA Immigration testing for the purposes of providing evidence for an Embassy, Passport Agency, or USCIS to prove a biological relationship at this particular time is not mandatory.

DNA testing is an option immigration provides to immigrant families. Which they can use in the event they lack the ability to provide any other form of additional evidence. Please keep in mind that genetic relationship testing is probably the strongest form of evidence.

How much does an Immigration DNA test cost?

This is a question often asked by many immigrant families inquiring about our immigration relationship testing service.

The price of an immigration parentage relationship test is determined by the number of people involved and the location of all the parties involved. Pricing starts at $495.00 and up.

Please call our office today for pricing as it pertains to your specific situation at  973-609-5102 and allow one of our Relationship testing specialists to help you today

When I receive a copy of my DNA Test results?

Once all DNA samples arrive at the laboratory. On average, DNA analysis will be completed within 2 to 3 business days. In addition, The lab will be responsible for shipping a copy of your results to the requesting Immigration office (USCIS or Embassy). An additional copy of your DNA results will be mailed to your for your records.

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