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Are Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

are home paternity tests accurate

Are Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

Yes. The home paternity testing option we provide is tested the exact same way as a legal paternity test. The difference between the two testing options is, how the results can be used. For example, a legal paternity test requires a chain of custody to be established and samples must be collected by an unbiased third-party DNA sample collector. The legal testing option allows you to use the results for child support cases, child custody cases, Social Security, and Immigration evidence submission just to name a few. 

It should be noted, In an effort to increase the accuracy of a paternity test. We always recommend that the mother of the child participate in the paternity test. Having the mother involved in the testing process allows the lab to easily identify the mother’s contribution to her child’s genetic makeup. 

Another way to help increase the effectiveness of the testing process is the type of DNA samples you will submit to be tested. For example, Buccal cheek swabs and blood samples are similar in terms of effectiveness when producing a result. Forensic samples such as q-tips, toothbrushes, and hair samples can be used but are not as effective as cheek swabs and blood samples.

What is important when you performing a home paternity test is, how well the participants follow the instructions on how to collect their own genetic samples. The instructions are included inside the Home Testing Kit.

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