Best at-home paternity test kits

home paternity testing kits

At-Home DNA Paternity Testing

If you are unsure you are uncertain or have questions about being the biological father of a child and you do not need the results for court or any legal reason, Then using an in-home paternity test kit is an excellent and affordable choice.

Our home paternity test kit contains the following materials, buccal cheek swabs for each participant, a consent form, a prepaid return shipping label going back to the lab, and sample collection instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a Home Paternity Test kit?

Yes. Pricing for our Home kits starts at $199.99 and up. To our Home DNA test kit today please contact our office at 973-609-5109.

How long will it take for me to receive my results? 

The average turnaround time for results is 1 to 3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all DNA samples associated with your DNA test. 

Rapid Paternity Test

If you require expedited results the same day your DNA samples arrive at the lab. Please get in touch with our office at 973-609-5102 for more information on how the process works.

Please note, same-day paternity testing will incur additional costs to make your case a priority.

Can I use another sample other than the cheek swabs enclosed in my DNA Collection Kit? 

Yes. Alternative samples can be used but we recommend that you contact our office before purchasing a home kit to ensure using an alternative sample like a toothbrush, bloodstain, or hair sample are a good testing option based on your situation. 

Unfortunately, No. Home paternity test results cannot be used for any legal purpose. 

A home paternity test cannot be used for any legal reason such as birth certificate name changes, child support, child custody, or Social Security reasons.

A  home test cannot be used if, a chain of custody must be established and the samples must be collected by an unbiased third-party DNA sample collector.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between home and legal tests please do not hesitate to contact our office at 973-609-5102 today. 

Are home paternity tests just as accurate as legal tests? 

Yes. Both testing options are tested the exact same way. The difference between the two options is the use of each paternity test result.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between home and legal tests please do not hesitate to contact our office at 973-609-5102 today.

What is the difference between a Home Paternity from CVS and your Home DNA test?

Many At-Home DNA paternity test kits sold at CVS and other retail stores oftentimes do not disclose the additional fee to have you have to pay to test your DNA samples.

Second, some Home DNA tests are performed by labs located in other countries.

The Home DNA test kits we offer are performed by an accredited laboratory. What this means is, your DNA samples will be tested the exact same way as a legal paternity test.

We also provide a live DNA testing consultant you can speak with to order your Home Paternity Test kit or to ask questions about the process.


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