How Soon Can You DNA Test A Baby After Birth?

How soon can you do a paternity test?

Paternity testing can be performed immediately after a newborn’s birth, or at any time following the birth. For hospital DNA sample collections of newborn babies make sure to speak with the head nurse to ensure a DNA sample collection can take place in the hospital.

Pros and Cons of DNA Testing after birth.

Below are our pros and cons to after birth paternity DNA testing.


  1. Performing a paternity test after the birth of your child is substantially cheaper than prenatal paternity test which costs range from $1200 to $2000.
  2. The collect method for the newborn is performed by buccal cheek swab.
  3. No needles. Prenatal testing whether invasive or non-invasive requires needles.
  4. Accuracy of the test, when the child is born, DNA samples come directly from the child. Prenatal testing is a blood draw from the mother which could potentially lead to false positive if the mother has had a child previously.


The only con to performing a DNA test for paternity after birth may be urgency. There may be circumstance that may require a paternity test be performed prior to birth that may require prenatal testing

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How long does a paternity test take to come back?

The turnaround time for DNA results is 2 to 3 business day from date the laboratory receives all DNA specimens.

Same Day DNA Testing, Can it be done?

Yes. We do provide same-day DNA testing services. Please note, this service does not mean your results will produce the same day your samples are collected. When you samples arrive at the laboratory your results will be completed by the end of business day from the date the lab received your DNA samples.

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DNA Paternity Testing Accuracy

Positive paternity test results, indicating an inclusion or probability of paternity, have an accuracy rate of 99.9% or higher. In contrast, negative results that exclude an individual from being the biological father have a zero probability of error.

DNA paternity tests are highly accurate due to the analysis of multiple genetic markers (between 18-22 loci). The test compares the child’s DNA profile with that of the alleged father to determine if there is a genetic match. If the man is not the biological father, the genetic markers will not match, leading to an exclusion.

It’s important to note that while DNA paternity tests are highly accurate, there is always a very small chance of human error or sample contamination that could affect the results. However, reputable testing laboratories have strict procedures in place to minimize these risks and ensure the highest level of accuracy.

How much is DNA testing for paternity?

The cost of a paternity test starts at $325.00 and up. Please note, onsite paternity testing will require an additional cost to your paternity test. Travel fees vary based on distance the DNA sample collector has to travel. Below are the options we provide for paternity testing.

Paternity Testing Options

Informational test: An informational is a paternity test does not require a chain of custody to be established. A unbiased third party collector will collect all samples. Results of this testing option are not admissible in court.

At-Home Peace of Mind Test: This option is also for informational use only but require you to collect your own DNA samples and ship them to lab. Results of this testing option are not admissible in court.

Legal Test: A legally admissible paternity does require a chain of custody to be established, an unbiased third party collector must collect all parties samples and all DNA specimens must be tested and analyzed by an AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks)

Where can I get a Paternity DNA testing near me?

Scheduling an appointment is simple, Contact our office today at 973-609-5102 and allow one of our knowledgeable DNA Relationship Testing Consultants the opportunity to assist you today.

We have over 2000 collection sites in our network which makes scheduling an appointment nationwide in city near you more convenient.

What method of DNA sample collection will be performed?

The method of collection DNA samples is by cheek swab. This collection method is the industry standard. Blood specimen collections is another viable option but is more invasive and painful.

Please keep in mind, both methods of collection are the same accuracy.

Mandatory DNA Testing At Birth, Does it exist?

No. Mandatory DNA paternity testing does not exist. Paternity testing is voluntary and there no current laws that says its a mandatory procedure.

Please keep in mind in cases where a judge requests a paternity test be performed and either the mother or alleged father refuses.

The party that refuses may be held in contempt of court may be subject to fine or possible jail time. We recommend consulting a Family Law Attorney in your state to learn more about paternity establishment.

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