How Long Does a Paternity Test Take?

paternity test results

How long does a paternity test take?

Paternity test results have an average completion time of 2 to 3 business days from when the lab receives all genetic samples. We also offer same-day testing for an additional cost.

The turnaround for paternity testing applies to our legal and Home DNA testing options. It should also be noted, the difference between legal and non-legal Home DNA tests are as follows.

  1. A peace of mind (non-legal) Home DNA test cannot be used for any legal purpose.
  2. Legal DNA tests can be used for all legal scenarios.

Upon the completion of your DNA samples analysis, a DNA report will be generated. A copy of your results will be physically mailed to your home and another copy will be emailed to you.

Can I use my results for any legal purpose?

Yes. Only legal paternity testing results can be used for evidence submission for Family Court, Immigration cases, Social Security and Birth Certificate name changes, etc.

How long will a prenatal paternity test cost?

The average turnaround time for invasive prenatal paternity is 5-10 business days. Please note, invasive prenatal paternity testing will require assistance from, your OBGYN.

The second prenatal paternity testing option is a non-invasive prenatal paternity test. We do not offer this testing option at the current time.

Non-invasive paternity testing does not require an OBGYN. Blood draws for the mother and a buccal cheek swab for the alleged father are how your DNA samples will be collected.

What circumstance would require longer than average turnaround times for results?

There are a couple of circumstances that will require longer turnaround times when performing a paternity test.

Child Support DNA testing for paternity establishment:

If you are performing a DNA paternity Test through Family Court the turnaround times on average range from six to eight weeks.

It should be noted that performing a paternity test through Family Court and performing an independent legal paternity test are different.

In order to perform a DNA test through the courts you will have to file a paternity petition. If the judge agrees to proceed, a court order will be issued and all parties involved will come before the judge.

The judge will determine if the defendant and plaintiff are capable of paying for a DNA Test. If parties are not capable, the state will pay for your paternity test. In some states, you may be required to reimburse the state.

If the parties are capable then using an independent company like DNA Paternity Test NJ can assist you with legal testing needs.

Please note, we recommend that learn more information about paternity law in your state. In fact, receiving a consultation from a Family Law Attorney is recommended to better help you understand how to proceed regarding paternity establishment.

DNA Sample Collection in different states:

If you have two parties in separate states and testing cannot be performed on the same day in each state.

The turnaround time for the results will be affected and the 2 to 3 business days to produce results will be the turnaround time upon the arrival of the DNA testing samples at the laboratory.

International Testing for Immigration turnaround times:

Immigration DNA testing internationally can take around eight weeks to be completed sometimes longer.

DNA sample collection appointments are coordinated by an Embassy or Consulate. Therefore turnaround times will depend on the Embassy or Consulate’s workload.


Turnaround times for a paternity test have a turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days from the date the receives all DNA samples. Same-day expedited results are available for an additional cost.

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