how do i If I Am The Father Of A Child?

how do paternity tests work

For a lot of men, today uncertainty about whether or not they are the biological father of a child is becoming more commonplace.  With the influx, uncertainty comes with many men attempting to find the best way they can find out whether they are the biological father of a child they believe may or may not be their own.

Over the years, People have attempted some ways to reconcile paternity that does not have very a high accuracy of determining paternity.  In some of these instances are lodged in belief and not in scientific fact. While another hand,  there is the most accurate way to reconcile paternity. Today, we will share with you some of the not-so-accurate ways to know if you are the father of a child and the most accurate way to determine paternity.

Looking at the color of a child’s eyes. Not accurate

Looking at the texture and the child’s hair color. Not accurate

Relying on phenotype (facial features). Not accurate

Listening to friends and family speculate about paternity. Not accurate

Blood typing can exclude who the father of a child may be but, It cannot determine who the biological father of a child is.

What is the most accurate option for determining who is the father of a child?

The most accurate and efficient option to date is to perform a DNA Paternity Test. Paternity testing depending on the specimens used have an accuracy of determining the probability of paternity between an alleged father and child of 99.99%.  This is the preferred option accepted by state and professional institutions when the issue of paternity needs to be determined.  

How do I get a paternity test?

If you are uncertain whether you are the biological father of a child and you would like to perform a paternity test.

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