How long does it take to get an interview date after the DNA test?

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One of the questions we often receive when we help families with their immigration DNA testing needs is, When will I receive my interview date once the requesting immigration office or embassy has received my DNA test result?

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. Immigration response times to immigrant families about their status is based on their immigration workload. Therefore providing an exact date is difficult to do.

The only way for us to best answer this question about how long to get an interview date after a DNA test to people who ask this question is to refer to the many clients (families) we have assisted who have contacted us after their DNA testing was completed and their results were sent to immigration. They contacted us to give us an update on their case. 

What we found is, Most families receive interview dates anywhere between 30 – 90 days on average after their DNA Test result was received by immigration. Again, the time frame we provide is an estimate provided by families over the years who have given us an update on their situation. Therefore, the answer provided in this post does not represent an official immigration standard turnaround time to receive an interview date.

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