How Long Does DNA Testing Take For Immigration?

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How Long Does Immigration Testing Take?

The process of DNA testing for immigration purposes can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

The length of time depends on where the participants are located, if expedited testing is requested and the availability of the participants being tested.

Domestic Testing

A domestic immigration DNA test refers to both the petitioner and beneficiary residing in the U.S.

If all parties are in the U.S. the average turnaround for your DNA results to be completed is 2 to 3 business days from the date all genetic samples arrive at the laboratory.

It should be noted that expedited testing is available but it will be an additional cost.

International Testing

International immigration DNA test refers to the petitioner residing in the U.S. and the beneficiary residing abroad or, both the petitioner and beneficiary being abroad.

Each country’s Embassy or Consulate schedules DNA sample collection appointments according to its own guidelines. Therefore, our partner AABB-Accredited lab is not responsible for scheduling appointments abroad.

The average turnaround time for testing to be completed will vary from country to country. In most instances prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The average turnaround times for DNA results to be completed range from 6 to 8 weeks.

Political and/or war-torn countries had extended turnaround times for the completion of DNA results.

DNA sample collection:

The DNA sample collection process domestically is under the strict supervision of our partner AABB accredited DNA testing laboratory.

Therefore the process of scheduling DNA samples is more clearcut and efficient here in the United States.

International DNA sample collections

Once your DNA case has been initiated and the petitioner’s sample has been collected and shipped to the lab.

The lab is responsible for shipping a DNA test kit with a request for DNA sample collection for your relative/beneficiary abroad. The Embassy or consulate is responsible for contacting the beneficiary and scheduling an appointment.

What method of DNA sample collection will be performed?

The most commonly used method of acquiring a DNA sample collection is by a buccal cheek swab.

Although, blood is an equally effective option. The industry standard is to use cheek swabs.

Learn more about our immigration DNA testing service here.

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