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Immigration DNA Testing for Pakistan Families

Did you receive a Request For Evidence (RFE) letter from USCIS or the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad and Karachi to prove a biological relationship? Below is a brief overview of what you can expect from the Immigration DNA testing process.

Overview of DNA Testing in Pakistan

Here is an outline of the genetic testing process for immigration purposes.

  •  When you receive your RFE letter from USCIS or the U.S. Embassy contact our office at 973-609-5102 to schedule an appointment. Please note, performing DNA test without a RFE document from an immigration office providing your family an option to perform DNA test may require your family to perform a second DNA test.
  • Genetic testing performed that does not adhere to an immigration office evidence submission protocol may be recognized and could be denied.
  • After an appointment has been scheduled for the petitioner and their DNA samples have been collected in the United States. The DNA samples will shipped to laboratory. Upon receipt of the petitioner’s samples. The will send a DNA test kit and correspondence requesting a DNA sample collection for the beneficiary to be scheduled by the American Embassy in either Karachi or Islamabad.
  • Please note, the lab is not responsible for the scheduling DNA sample collection appointments in Pakistan, the Embassy will oversee the process.
  •  Once the beneficiary’s samples are collected and shipped back to our partner lab in the U.S. The laboratory will begin the testing process.
  •  When testing is complete. The laboratory will mail out a copy pf your results to the requesting immigration office and an additional copy will be mailed to your home.
  •  It should be noted. All legal chain of custody testing services we provide are under the strict supervision of our partner AABB accredited DNA testing laboratory.

Types of DNA Tests:

Below are the most common biological relationship testing options that an immigration office may provide when DNA testing is provided as a secondary option.

Paternity Testing

Is a testing option that helps to determine the biological relationship between a biological father and child.

Maternity Testing

Is a testing option that helps to determine the biological relationship between a biological mother and child.

Sibling DNA Testing

Is a testing option that helps to determine the biological relationship between siblings that share a common biological parent.

How much is a DNA Test cost for Pakistani families?

Pricing for international DNA tests starts at $795.00 and up.

The cost of your DNA test depends on a number of factors like the number of people involved with the DNA test, and the location.

When will I receive my DNA results?

The turnaround time for the completion of your DNA testing is dependent upon the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad and/or Karachi. Since COVID-19 turnaround times are unpredictable and Embassies worldwide are experiencing longer DNA sample collection appointment scheduling.

Is Immigration DNA Testing mandatory for Pakistani families?

No. DNA testing for immigration purposes is voluntary.

Where do I go have my samples collected in Islamabad or Karachi?

The American Embassy is responsible for scheduling DNA sample collection appointments for the beneficiary. Therefore, The Embassy will instruct the beneficiary where the DNA sample collections will take place.

Embassies tend to work with the same facilities that administer the immigration medical physicals.

If you are need of Pakistan Immigration DNA Testing for evidence submission. Contact our office today at 973-609-5102 to get started.


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