How Long Does A DNA Test Take?

dna testing turnaround time

Performing a paternity test is a sensitive situation and an important step that can change the lives of an alleged father, mother, and child if not handled correctly.

One of the big factors when choosing a DNA testing company is accuracy and the turnaround time the result is completed. We realize that waiting long periods of time causes additional anxiety that could affect your short-term mental/physical health.

How long does a Paternity test take?

The average turnaround for a paternity test is 2-3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all of your samples. Please keep in mind that other DNA testing companies can take 3-12 weeks to produce results and test on fewer genetic markers.

Do you provide same paternity test results?

Same-day DNA test results are available but it is important to note there will be additional fees associated with the expedited service.

What is considered a same-day paternity test result? Same-day testing works as follows:

1. Have your samples collected at a facility near your home.

2. Expedited shipping to ensure your samples arrive at the lab when it opens.

3. Your samples will be given priority over all samples from other standard DNA tests.

4. By the end of the same business day analyzation of your samples will be completed and a result produced.

5. One of our DNA Relationship Testing Consultants will contact you about your result status and a copy of your result will be mailout to your home.

Please note: There will be situations where the lab may need to extend testing to secure the accuracy of your result.

Home paternity tests and Legal paternity test results have the same standard turnaround for a result to be produced. The only difference between the two options is the preparation and use of the DNA result. A legal paternity test result allows you to utilize the document in court or for social security etc. A home paternity test is for informational use only.

Do they do DNA tests at the hospital?

Normally, hospitals do not perform DNA relationship testing services. If you are in need of a paternity test please contact our office today at 973-609-5102 today to get started.