Can A Grandparent DNA Test Be Wrong?

paternal grandparent testing

Can a grandparentage DNA test result be wrong?

Yes, It is possible for a grandparent DNA test to produce errant results. Although, DNA tests performed by an accredited laboratory are very accurate.

Human error sometimes may play a part in a DNA test result producing an errant result. We recommend that you read our post on Can A Paternity Test Be Wrong? here to learn more about the different ways that may cause an errant result.

How Accurate is Grandparent DNA Testing?

DNA testing is considered to be the most accurate tool to help establish a biological relationship between alleged family members.

The accuracy of a DNA test is dependent upon two things.

One is the DNA sample collector, and two is the DNA testing laboratory handling your grandparent DNA test.

If your DNA samples were collected by an experienced independent third-party collector. Seldom times human error may play a part possibly in sample collection mix-ups and/or handling of the DNA samples.

This may cause the results to be wrong. It is important for the participants involved in the DNA test to request their DNA samples are sealed in the shipping envelope going back to the lab in your presence.

Watching your samples being sealed inside an envelope will increase your confidence no error was made.

Laboratory protocol

Although an accredited lab follows strict protocols internally as well as following the guidelines of each accrediting body they hold accreditations for.

Very rarely there may be an error caused by the lab’s staff. Humans are not perfect and an error may occur sometimes. Depending on the circumstance and if the error can be identified clearly. The lab may request an additional sample collection at no additional cost or in other instances the client may need to pay an additional cost.

When should a grandparent DNA test be performed?

Grandparent DNA testing is performed when the alleged father is unavailable to participate in a DNA paternity test.

This testing option is the best option help to determine a paternal biological relationship.

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