Are Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

are home paternity tests accurate

How Accurate Are Home Paternity Tests?

The accuracy of a Home DNA Paternity Test result will depend on a number of factors. Here are a few of the factors that should be considered are as follows.

1. How well did you collect your DNA samples and the condition in which they were kept before you shipped your DNA kit back to the lab?

2. Although, A lab’s handling and processing of DNA specimens are accurate more times than not. Remember, We are dealing with human beings and sometimes human error can occur.

3. A rare genetic mutation that the DNA lab may not be able to identify during the DNA testing process. If this is the case. We suggest if you are aware of any rare genetic mutation a child or parent performing the DNA test may have. Please notify one of our DNA Relationship Testing Consultants before performing a paternity test. This way, The our Consultant can confirm with the Lab Director whether or not the genetic mutation may affect your paternity test result.

These are some of the possibilities that may affect the accuracy of a Home Paternity Test Kit result.

How accurate is a DNA test without the mother?

The process is simple. Contact our office today at 973-609-5102 to order a Home DNA Paternity Test Kit. Once you receive your kit read the enclosed instructions on how to collect your DNA samples. After you collect all of your samples. Place your samples into your prepaid shipping envelope going back to the lab. Once the lab receives your samples. They will be analyzed and processed. Turnaround for results is 2-3 business days.

Are Home Paternity Tests admissible in court?

No. Home paternity test kits do not adhere to the same requirements needed for a legal court-admissible paternity test result to be accepted by a court. Therefore the Home DNA test are not admissible in court. If you perform a Home Paternity Test and need a Legal Paternity Test result in the future. Unfortunately, you will have to perform a second Paternity Test that is compliant with the legal DNA testing guidelines.

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If you should have any questions or would like to order a Home DNA Paternity Test Kit today. Please contact our office today at 973-609-5102 to get started.