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Newark Paternity Testing Services:

How to schedule a DNA Test for Newark NJ residents is easy. We have an easy to get DNA sample collection location near you or if you are unable to travel to our office. We provide mobile DNA Testing services to Newark residents as well as the entire state of New Jersey.

All legal DNA Testing services are performed with partner AABB accredited laboratories to perform legal chain custody testing for the purposes of family court child support cases, immigration, Social Security, etc. 


Immigration DNA Testing Newark NJ

Are you a U.S. petitioner who is petitioning for a beneficiary (family member) who lives in another country? If yes, we can assist immigrant families from Newark NJ, and the entire state with their paternity, maternity, or sibling DNA testing needs today. We have an easy to get to location near Newark for in-office sample collections.

Legal Paternity Testing

IDTO's  Paternity Testing for Newark NJ  residents helps to determine the paternity between an alleged father and child.

Home Paternity Test Kit

If a legal DNA test is not what need. We also offer non-legal peace paternity tests or a related DNA test. Our home DNA test kits are a less expensive option to perform a DNA Paternity Test in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you deem private.

Sibling DNA Testing

A sibling DNA Test can help determine if two or alleged siblings are biologically related. 

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